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Legal Lead Generation From Your Law Firm's Website

What is the most cost effective way to gain legal leads? The best is to create a lead generation system in your own law firm website. We know the business preparing and trying cases is your first priority. The challenge of running a successful law practice are so numerous staying at the top of your field, keeping up with CLE and networking. We started Trial1 so as we have done for ourselves by gathering a team of experts that can help you create, and optimize your firm's website to generate regular leads.

What to make your website from another calling card into a legal lead generator? Your website needs an Inbound Marketing plan. What is an inbound marketing plan? 

inbound marketing diagram for legal lead generation

Every potential client goes on their own client's journey in picking the right firm for their case. They will go to 1-3 websites will your be found? They may only go to one or two if they feel they know and trust you. So you're a video of your firm's lawyers is one of the most effective ways to do this. It still will not bring you to the top of the search engines. But if you have the right tools and the team you can find the keywords, build landing pages, write blog posts and promote them via social media.

Once they land on your website you need to create a powerful call to action with case awards and testimonials and contact form to allow them to get more information about your firm and potentially request a case evaluation. which secures their email If they still need some nurturing before you can begin to use email for this purpose so even if they do not have their own case they will be ready for a strong referral when a family or friends calls and needs help.defending their legal rights. 

How much does it cost? Plans inbound marketing for legal lead generation begin at $2400 a month. We also offer and manage AdWords account and we dynamically update your manage and marketing services such as mailchimp, hubspot and a variety of these services on your behalf.

Find out how you can begin Trial inbound marketing plan contact us for your free evaluation and proposal

CMS for Legal Professionals


What could your website and The Lincoln Center and Guggenheim Museum websites have in common?  Probably not Yo-yo Ma or Paintings by Picasso but a content management system (CMS). CMS is the answer to keeping a sleek and savvy website as up to date as the real-time web demands. CMS platforms make it easy to keep your website fresh, manageable, current and in line with whatever next step your law firm or another business is taking.
We believe the Joomla CMS is optimal for most law partnerships.  The blog platform Wordpress and the CMS Drupal could match your requirements we implement and provide inbound marketing and other services for these open source platforms as well. With all these systems you can also create new pages, add and edit content, insert multimedia images and content, post blog articles and comments and do just about everything you need to do to keep your website fresh and exciting. Additional intranet applications or marketing functions require one of these platforms. But the real power is in the community of users and developers continuously innovating and integrating new functions for a growing and changing the internet. The Open Source Community's knowledge and creations can become your competitive advantage!

CiviCRM for Law Practice Management

The core of a modern law office is software you use to manage your practice. This Law practice management software is at the very core of LPM, which allows you to along with staff to create efficient and functional office environment.

Trial1 recommends open source solutions and CiviCRM is a GNU Open Source based CRM that is at the top of its class. Open Source Solutions will allow your firm or association to reduce licensing costs and keep up with the powerful but ever-changing web environment. It offers a highly customizable, open source engine core that, along with its modules for such things as clients lists, mailing, and reporting, can be customized to into sophisticated software solution that fits your firm or association needs.

CiviCRM for Law Practice Management


Does your law or bar association staff need support in managing memberships, mailings, CLE events that support your organization's membership? Managing everything on a spreadsheet leaves your staff with no time to develop the programs and events that would support your membership. At Trial1 we have developed a customized version of the Open Source CRM CiviCRM it can be configured to meet legal and bar association needs.

  • Sign-up new memberships, renew membership
  • View status of all type of memberships on the dashboard
  • Create CLE events and register participants
  • Segment and manage mail messages to your membership
  • Track your membership participation in your activities
  • Designed to integrate with your Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal website.

Allow your attorneys to take their CLE course 24/7/365

Upgrade your memberships benefit by offering responsive mobile friendly integrated online CLE service on your website. Open Source Solutions will allow your firm or association to reduce licensing costs, allows your organization to own your data, and keep up with the powerful but ever-changing web environment. It offers a highly customizable, open source engine core that, along with its modules for such things as clients lists, mailing, and reporting, can be customized to into sophisticated software solution that fits your firm or association needs.

Live Chat for Your Website

We can create and customize a CMS website to suit your law firm's and business'' need from the simplest CMS and blog site to a robust and customized enterprise-level Customer Relations Management system, optimized and secure in the Cloud. Contact us about your next project to find out which CMS platform is right for you and your venture, then leave the rest to us!

chat image1

Increase the effectiveness of your website at converting visitors into clients. Trial1 can provide your website with an option for a visitor to connect to a live operator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Live Chat is designed to drop the option down on any or all page of your website. Live Chat is a technology that enables your website visitors to start an Instant Message Text session with a live operator so the visitor does not have to send an email and wait for a response.  Live Chat provides an instant response! Many prospective clients do not have a telephone within reach or are not ready to speak about their case when doing the research to find a lawyer to retain. With a Live Chat session, it is easier to make contact with the firm than a telephone call and increases website engagement during the critical comparative research phase. Besides, how many of those visitors are surfing for a lawyer at night and on the weekends.

The Live Chat representative gets the important contact information and takes down the prospects basic story. This information helps you determine the speed with which you want to contact the prospect. Once the prospective client has been qualified and engaged they can be linked in a call to your office during business hours or if it is after hours to your own phone service (another option).

Trial1 offers a complete turnkey solution with the sole purpose of improving the return on your web advertising dollars 24/7/365. On the average, our customers report a 25-30% increase in leads after adding chat to their website. Get the maximum return on your website marketing investment with Trial1 Live Chat.


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